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Unova: Travel Guide

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers! Today we’d like to talk about Unova, the featured region in this month’s First Partner Pack! What does Unova have to offer to curious and intrepid Pokémon trainers? Keep reading to discover it in this month’s travel guide!

The Unova region is the setting of Pokémon Black and White and it was the fifth core series region to be introduced. Home to First Partner’s Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, Unova is far away from the four other large regions, and the Pokémon which inhabit this region are diverse and different from those of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

Did you know that it has been suggested that the geographical and social background for Unova drew inspiration from the New Your City metropolitan area? Let’s dive on the cities and towns of the region!

Striaton City is located in southeastern Unova and its home to Gym Leaders Cilan, Chili and Cress. The city has unique architectural designs and has a Trainers’ School. The official Gym, Striaton Gym, is based on Fire-type, Water-type and Grass-type Pokémon. Got one of those? Then step by this Gym!

Also located in the southeastern region, we find Nacrene City, described as having a peculiar cityscape as it reuses its warehouses built about a century ago. It is called “the city of art” and counts with a cool Museum where you can see various historical treasures located at the heart of Nacrene City. Nacrene Gym is based on Normal-type Pokémon and you can ask advice to Lenora, its Gym Leader. If you are hungry after hours of training Pokémon, you can stop by Café Warehouse to have a snack. At the southeastern part of the region, you can also visit Nuvema Town, home to Juniper Pokémon Lab and Accumula Town.

Castelia City is a large seaside city located in south central Unova and unlike other cities, Castelia is a huge, sprawling metropolis with many towering skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Does it remind you of a famous US city? 😉 Castelia is geographically the largest city in the Unova region and contains many structural elements that have not been seen in cities in other regions. Sounds like the city where you will spend more days while visiting, right? Castelia is home to Battle Company, lead researchers of battle items as well as goods for Pokémon and Trainers. If you come by Castelia, you can stroll through its Piers, eat at Casteliacone – a popular ice cream stand -, grab a bite at Café Sonata or stop by its Gym based on Bug-type Pokémon. There are many things you can do while visiting this city, which one is your first on the list?

Located in central Unova lies Nimbasa City, the heart of leisure and entertainment of the region. You can visit the Musical Theater, the Big Stadium, ride the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel but also go to the Nimbasa City Gym, specialized in Electric – type Pokémon. Nimbasa is the perfect place to relax and train your Jolteon.

Heading west, you can find Driftveil City, a major ocean port city in western Unova. It has strong wind currents popular with sail-boaters and the city is well know for its large market offering a variety of useful items. Step by to buy some goodies to take back home! After a long training in session for your Ground-type Pokémon at Driftveil Gym, you can stroll to visit Driftveil’s Lighthouse.

Mistralton City is also located in western Unova and what stands out the most in this city is the Celestial Tower, a prominent place of burial and mourning for deceased Pokémon in Unova. The city is also famous for its airport which imports and exports cargo around the Unova region and beyond. Mistralton Gym, whose Gym Leader is Skyla, is based on Flying-type Pokémon.

In the southwestern part of the Unova region lies Floccesy Town, home to former Unova League Champion Alder. Here you can visit the Old Clock Tower or stroll by its grassy surroundings.

Icirrus City is located in northwestern Unova. The majority of Icirrus City’s buildings are located on high ground, due to the surrounding area being in a wet climate and as such having large puddles containing wild Pokémon. To the north of this city lies the Dragonspiral Tower, an old tower where Zekrom/Reshiram was sealed in the Dark Stone/Light Stone after the war thousands of years ago, until it was awoken by N. It is the oldest structure in Unova though it is not known who built it or when it was built. Quite the story here, right? History aside, you can also visit the Pokémon Fan Club and train your Ice-type Pokémon at Icirrus City Gym.

At northwestern Unova also lies Anville Town, where some Trainers go to exchange items on the weekends.

Opelucid City is found in the central northern area of the Unova region and the most curious thing about it is that it differs between versions: in Pokémon Black it has a technological appearance, while in Pokémon White it has a natural appearance.

Aspertia City is a small city and newly developed area contain modern buildings and houses situated in southwestern Unova. This city contains some prominent areas of interest such as the Aspertia Gym for Normal-type Pokémon and a Pokémon Center. It also has a lookout which is the city’s most famous spot. You can relax and enjoy its landscape here!

Keeping it south-west, we find Virbank City, a port city with many hangars, docks and waterways. Don’t forget to step by the northeastern part of the city to see the graffiti that resembles Koffing’s skull and crossbones mark! Not a surprise as Virbank’s Gym is specialized on Poison-type Pokémon.

In northeastern Unova you can visit Humilau City and meet Gym Leader Marlon and train your Water-type Pokémon at Humilau Gym. Lacunosa Town is also found on this side of the region and it’s known to be the place where the Giant Chasm lies: a large impact crater containing a maze-like forest, home to a number of extraterrestrial Pokémon!

Finally, the place where everyone vacates on summer, Undella Town! This town looks deserted during winter but during summer, all the villas in town are occupied by vacationers. It is the people’s favorite during the hot season. Don’t forget to bring sun protection and a swimsuit when you visit this part of Unova!

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour around the Unova region, home to Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Which of these towns and cities would you first visit on your next Pokémon trip? 😉


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