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Fusion Strike - What's coming up

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Trainers! Today we are here to discover you the new Pokémon TCG set coming out soon to our shelves: Fusion Strike! Are you as excited as us to get your hands on new and cool cards? We sure are! Let’s dive into what this set is bringing to our collection!

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike introduces a new type of Battle Styles gameplay mechanic, Fusion Strike Style and we will be able to try it as soon as it releases worldwide next November, 12th.

Decorated with a hint of purple and pink, Pokémon with the Fusion Strike Style often have attacks that focus on teamwork and reinforce the idea of strength in numbers, as Fusion Strike Pokémon generally benefit when other Pokémon with this Battle Style are in play. In addition, Fusion Strike Style appears on Trainer and Special Energy cards, which tend to assist Pokémon of that particular Battle Style and allow players to build a Fusion Strike Style deck.

The new Fusion Strike set will feature more than 20 Pokémon V and 8 Pokémon VMAX but the special feature for this expansion goes to mighty Mew VMAX, Genesect V and Hoopa V.

What do Mew, Genesect and Hoopa have in common? Well, despite they can have alternate forms, they are not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon! Let’s talk a bit about these Pokémon lore, shall we?

The pink, bipedal Pokémon Mew is very well known among our Trainers. It is said that Mew have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body, allowing it to learn and use any attack! Mew has always shown signs of intelligence, curiosity, shyness, playfulness and even selflessness. Mew is also incredibly adaptable and able to travel freely in the air or underwater. All of these qualities make him a super special Pokémon.    

Genesect is a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a metal body which was revived from a Fossil and thus technologically enhanced by Team Plasma to create the most powerful Pokémon ever. Genesect has a poweful cannon on its back and other enhancements which were added as parto f the modifications made to it by the Team. Conflict arouse between scientists and finally the project was cancelled.

Hoopa is a dual-type Psychic/Ghost Mythical Pokémon with a default form (Hoopa Confined) and Hoopa Unbound and it reverses into back and another depending on the circumstances.

Hoopa Confined is a light-purple Pokémon with a vaguely humanoid appereance, whereas Hoopa Unbound is a large, bipedal Pokémon with six arms. The rings on Hoopa’s body can warp space and allow it to transport items by passing them through its hoop. It is said that Hoopa Unbound is its true form and that it has power to bend dimensions. Quite the power it has, right?

Arriving in booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes, and special collections, Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike includes 25 Fusion Strike cards such as Mew VMAX, Genesect V, and Hoopa V. In addition, Trainers can play with the following cards: 20 Pokémon V and 13 full-art Pokémon V, EIGHT Pokémon VMAX, 20 Trainer cards and SEVEn full-art Supporter cards PLUS One Special Energy card.

Trainers interested in playing with the expansion before launch can do so with the Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box, available through their local participating Pokémon TCG retailer starting October 30, 2021. The Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box contains four Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike booster packs; a 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, including one of four alternate-art promo cards; and a deckbuilding tip sheet.

In addition, the Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike Build & Battle Stadium launches on November 26, 2021, and makes it even easier to jump into two-player gameplay by including two Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike Build & Battle Boxes, four additional Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike booster packs, and 121 Energy cards, various Pokémon TCG accessories, and a storage box.

Although the set is releasing on November 12th, 2021, PRE-ORDER is already available at our online store! You can browse Booster Boxes, Booster Packs, Elite Trainer Boxes and more to enhance your Pokémon collection. All product comes with a code for the Pokémon Online TCG, which will be available to redeem once the set is released there 😊

We hope you enjoyed today’s reading, specially our Mew fans out there!

See you next with more poke-news!

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