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1st Online Pokemon Tournament

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Final Brackets

The Fable Hobby Team is proud to announce our very own, very first Fable Hobby Pokémon Tournament!

We love Pokémon, we love our humble community and we love to see our favorite pocket monsters battling each other so, we thought, how can we get all these things together? And the idea of the tournament came up!

So, at this point, you are probably wondering what is this all about. Well, let us explain 😊

First of all, you must know our Fable Hobby Pokémon Tournament will be primarily held on our Instagram account, so make sure you follow us there 😉.

Throughout January and most part of February, each day we will share a story in which two Pokémon will be matched against each other. The winner of every match will be determined, guess by who: You. Yes, YOU. Our community will decide the winner of each match!

We will update the bracket located on this page every day, so make sure to come back often to make sure your favorite Pokémon is still in the tournament!

Participation is free and will be highly appreciated! Keep reading to learn how you can earn cool prizes during the tournament:

- By voting in at least one match, you will be entered into a free giveaway. The more times you vote, the more chances you have to win! One winner will be announced on February 21st.

-Do you want the chance to win more prizes? Submit a full completed bracket score before January 1st, 2022 (you can find an empty one at the bottom of the post). If you are able to guess the FULL bracket exactly, you will earn a chance to get a Pokémon TCG Brilliant Stars Booster Box as a reward! We’ll choose 1 winner at random between all the correct full brackets, announced on February 21st, 2022. In case nobody guesses correctly, we will select one winner at random from all the completed brackets!

January 16th UPDATE about the Bracket contest:
Unfortunately, everyone that submitted a bracket has been eliminated (even our bracket was busted! Slowpoke's fault)

Since this happened quite early, we have decided to give everyone a new chance to win a Pokémon TCG Brilliant Stars Booster Box.
With the Sweet 16, everyone will be able to submit a new bracket, for the 16 remaining pokémons, and we will randomly select one of the winners to give them the free booster box. Remember that we will need at least 1 person to guess the bracket exactly. If there is more than 1, we will randomly choose the winner of the booster box.

QUICK FAQ -------------------------------------------------------------------
Hey, what if no one guesses it right, again? Well, as said above, we will still give out the box to anyone that submitted a bracket.
Wait, I also submitted a top32 bracket. What happens with that? If no one gets the top16 bracket exactly, your top32 bracket will count as 1 participation. If you also submitted a top16 bracket, you would have 2 participations, double the chances to win the booster box!
When can we submit this new bracket? Once we have the results of the Rattata Vs Magikarp match, we will have it ready for you to submit (on January 17th). You will have until the next rounds starts, on January 20th 2022

-Do you want even more prizes!? Show us you are a true fan of Pokémon! Cheer on your favorite Pokémon and send us a video, a picture, a drawing, an audio or anything you feel like! The most original/s will be rewarded with a cool Pokémon gift.

OH, YES! How can you vote? It’s very simple: every story on our Instagram will have a sticker poll attached to it, just click your choice and it will sum up the final percentage.

We hope you enjoy this event and may the best Pokémon win!



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