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Alola: Travel Guide

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers! Put your essentials in your bag and let’s travel through the Alola region in this month’s ‘travelling guide’!

Did you know that the design concept of Alola is based on sunny Hawaii? The Alola region is a popular resort destination, attracting tons of tourists from other regions. It is made up of four natural islands and one artificial islands: Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula’ula Island, Poni Island and Aether Paradise. Let’s dive right into some of the most famous towns and cities!

Hau’oli City is a coastal city situated on Melemele Island, it is the largest city in Alola and has lots of places to visit! You can relax by the Beachfront or shop at its Shopping District. Don’t forget to try the famous malasadas, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, at the Malasada shop near the marina.

If you want to rest somewhere more chill at Melemele Island, make sure to visit Iki Town, one of the smallest towns in Alola.

Akala Island has quite some places to visit. You can first stop by Paniola Town, where you can stop by its Pokémon Center Café or try the famous Moomoo Milk at its stand located northwest of the town. Get a new haircut or buy some fancy clothes at Konikoni City, where you can even get a massage to rest after a full day of training.

Main attraction in Akala is Heahea City, a city founded long ago by Trainers from the Kanto and Johto regions. Heahea City is a great place to go shopping and its also the home to the Surf Association, Heahea Branch. After a full day of activities, you can rest at the Tide Song Hotel, located north of the city. One thing to remark from this city is its Ferry Terminal, from which you can get to a couple of destinations around Alola, including our next stop: Malie City, at Ula’ula Island.

Malie City’s architecture is heavily influenced by designs from the Johto region. You can stroll by the Malie Garden and if you crave for some more malasadas, you can buy some at the Malasada shop! Your final stop at Malie City should be the restaurant Sushi High Roller, a high-class restaurant located along the south road of Malie City. A must-try!

Po Town is a small village at Ula’ula, home to a Pokémon Center. Po Town’s most curious place is Shady House, a dilapidated mansión at the far end of the town, do you dare to enter?  

Tapu Village is the smallest town in Alola. The village mostly consists of ruins of buildings that were destroyed by Tapu Bulu, due to a Thrifty Megamart being built on its sacred grounds nearby. As such, the only functioning building in the village is the Pokémon Center. Despite this, you can’t leave Ula’ula wihout stepping by its Pokémon Center Café!

Finally, we recommend jumping to Poni Island and visit the Seafolk Village to eat at the Floating Restaurant, located inside the Wailord-shaped ship! You can shop for supplies for the trip back home at its Poké Mart.

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour around the most known towns and cities in Alola, home to Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Which of these towns and cities would you first visit on your next Pokémon trip? 😉  

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