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Kanto: Travel Guide

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers! Autumn season is already here, put your essentials in your bag and let’s travel to Kanto in this month’s ‘travelling guide’!  

Kanto is located east of Johto and it is based on the real Kanto region in Japan 😊. Kanto has a rich history of creating Pokémon with technology, keep reading and let’s dive into its towns and cities!

Located in southwestern Kanto we find Pallet Town, a small country town, home to known Professor Oak’s lab.

Heading north we arrive to Viridian City, a small city located in western Kanto, a beautiful city that is enveloped in green all year! Flowers bloom all year round here so just stroll around the city admiring the beautiful and natural sights it has to offer. Once you have relaxed, you can battle at the Viridian Gym.


Our next stop is Pewter City, located in northwestern Kanto, a stone city that rests at the foot of a great rocky mountain. You can visit the Pewter Museum of Science which is one of the city’s main attractions. The main building is open to the public for a small fee and features several historical artifacts, including Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossils and a model of a space shuttle :O The official city’s Gym is based on Rock-type Pokémon, perfect time to train your Onyx!

Keeping our route to the north we find Cerulean City, a seaside city. The town is surrounded by waterways which make it the perfect place to locate a Water-Gym. You can get a bike at the Bike Shop and ride through Cerulean’s beautiful landscape to the Cerulean Cave on the outskirts: a cave also known as the Unknown Dungeon, said to be home to “horribly strong Pokémon”. Are you brave enough to venture this dungeon, Trainer?

Vermilion City, a southern city bathed in orange by the setting sun is the international port town where magnificent boats gather from across the world! The Vermilion Harbor is one of the larger docks in the Kanto region, you can stroll around here before heading to the city’s Gym specialized on Electric-type Pokémon: time to train your cute Pikachu here!

In northeast Kanto lies Lavender Town, a small, solemn and quiet town where people come to visit their departed Pokémon. Lavender Town is known mainly for ghost sightings in the Pokémon Tower and as the main gravesite of Pokémon. It is the perfect town to visit during spooky season, don’t you think? Lavender Town is also home to the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House, a place founded by Mr. Fuji in order to care for abandoned and orphaned Pokémon.

Located in central Kanto likes the most populous city in the region, Celadon City. Celadon is the main place to spend money in Kanto as it has a big Department Store and the Celadon Game Corner, where you can play games and earn prizes. After a long day of spending money, you can relax at the Celadon Hotel and get some rest to visit the city’s Gym the next day to train your Grass-type Pokémon.

In southwest Kanto we find Fuchsia City, where the Safari Zone lies. The Safari Zone is a special Pokémon preserver where Trainers can enter to catch certain types of Pokémon, cool right?? Outside the Safari Zone you can find the Pokémon Zoo with cool Pokémon on display. The Fuchsia Gym is based on Poison-type Pokémon so if you are holding your Koffing around, it may be the best time to train it!

Saffron City is the biggest city in Kanto, a sprawling metropolis modeled after Japan’s capital city of Tokyo. Saffron City is the largest and one of the busiest cities in Kanto, being famous even in other regions! The leading manufacturer of Pokémon technology in the world, Sliph Co., has its head quarters here. Besides the Psychic-type Gym in the city, there is also an unofficial Gym, the Fighting Dojo, which specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. You can gather with other people at the Pokémon Trainer Fan Club to discuss your favorite celebrity Trainer there.

Our final stop is Cinnabar Island, a large island located off the southern coast of the Kanto region, home to a large volcano which sadly can’t be accessed. Sorry vulcanologists… At Cinnabar you can find another perfect place to visit during spooky season: the Pokémon Mansion, a decrepit, burned-down house. After some ghost-hunting, you can bring your Fire-type Pokémon to Cinnabar Gym and get the Volcano Badge if you defeat its Gym Leader Blaine.

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour around the Kanto region, home to Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Which of these towns and cities would you first visit on your next Pokémon trip to Kanto region? 😉  

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