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Johto: Travel Guide

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers! Put your essentials in your bag and let’s travel to Johto in this month’s ‘travelling guide’!  

After a first stop at the small town of New Bark Town, located in the southeastern side of the Johto region and a mandatory visit to Professor Elm, you can head to Cherrygrove City, located south-central Johto.

The smell of flowers and the sea breeze surrounds Cherrygrove City, a city where you can have your City Tour with Guide Gent, whom will show you the way to the Pokémon Center, the Poké Mart and the sea.

Cherrygrove City has no Gym, although you can find a lots of Pokémon Trainers on their way to Violet City, our next stop, from New Bark Town.    

Violet City is located in central Johto, it is an old village surrounded by trees. In the center of the town you can find the Pokémon school, where prospective Trainers learn how to raise Pokémon! A cool place to visit is the Sprout Tower, a tall and wobbling pagoda in the northern part of town.

If you have any Flying-type Pokémon with you, you can stop by the Violet Gym and try to defeat its Gym Leader, Falkner.

Located on the southern peninsula of the Johto region lies the small and isolated town of Azalea. Azalea Town is a quiet place where you can find the Slowpoke Well with many Slowpokes around!

Our next stop is a sprawling metropolis located in western Johto, Goldenrod City, the largest city in the region and one of the largest cities in the Pokémon world! There is a lot to visit in this place: you can get a bicycle at the Bike Shop and explore all this city has to offer.

The Goldenrod Department Store, where you can find a full selection of Pokémon Goods for Trainers. The Goldenrod Game Corner which features a variety of games to pass the time. You can also visit the Radio Tower and the Magnet Train. Don’t forget to stop by the Goldenrod Gym based on Normal-type Pokémon!

Located in northern Johto, lies the old-fashioned city of Ecruteak City, situated in the woods between tall Mt. Mortar and the open fields near Johto’s western shores.

Ecruteak is know as a historical and mythical city, you can go to the Ecruteak Dance Theater; visit the remains of he once-great Bell Tower, which was destroyed by a mysterious fire and now is known as the Burned Tower; and of course, you can stop by Ecruteak Gym, based on Ghost-type Pokémon!

Olivine City is located on the Johto coast, it is a major port city and home to the Glitter Lighthouse, which guides ships to harbor.

It has a couple of places of interest besides this lighthouse which you can also visit, such as strolling through the Port; a stop by Olivine Café, known to have a generous-sized menu – a must try; and a Gym to bring your Steel-type Pokémon!

Cianwood City is located on the far western edge of Johto but due to being at a dead-end location there, it was not a popular destination until they added the Safari Zone to the west of the city. You can visit the Cliff Edge Gate, a small cave which leads to the mentioned Safari Zone, stop by the pharmacy if you are in need of supplies, and you can train your Fighting-type Pokémon at the Cianwood Gym.

Mahogany Town is a small town in northern Johto where ninjas once resided! You can stop by the Souvenir Shop, not far from the Team Rocket HQ! The Mahogany Gym specializes in Ice-type Pokémon, so make sure you stop by if you’re carrying Ice Pokémon with you in this travel.

As our tour comes to an end, we must stop at the final destination in the Johto region: Blackthorn City, a mysterious mountain village where many famous Dragon-type Trainers come from.

The Dragon’s Den is a clan of masters of Dragon-type Pokémon that have lived in the city for generations. You can stop by the Blackthorn Gym where you can bring your Dragon-type Pokémon.

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour around the Johto region, home to Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Which of these towns and cities would you first visit on your next Pokémon trip? 😉  

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