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Hoenn: Travel Guide

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers! Put your essentials in your bag and let’s travel to Hoenn in this month’s ‘travelling guide’!  

Located in southwestern Hoenn and basking amid vibrant nature, Littleroot Town is our first stop during this tour! Littleroot Town is home to Professor Birch’s Lab, the region-exclusive professor who does all his research there.

Also located in the southwestern part of the region lies Oldale Town, a town with a beautiful contrast between colorful flowers and deep, verdant forests. Stop by to observe the beautiful landscape and refill your pockets at its Poké Mart.

Keep strolling by southwestern Hoenn and you’ll find Petalburg City with its own Gym based on Normal-type Pokémon, great to train a bit!

Rustboro City is our next stop, a metropolis located in western Hoenn. It is the fourth-largest city in Hoenn and it has an unusual yet unique cityscape in the Hoenn region: the building’s architectures are designed with stones, giving it an old-town feeling. Rustboro’s Gym Leader is specialized on Rock-type Pokémon, so if you have an Onyx by your side, it’s the perfect time for some training!

The small island town of Dewford Town is located southwest of mailand Hoenn and its Gym Leader specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. Don’t expect to get supplies here as Dewford Town doesn’t have a Poké Mart!

Slateport City is the nineth largest city in the Pokémon world and it’s a port town on the southern coast of Hoenn. It is known as “the port where people and Pokémon cross paths with nature”, sounds cool, right?

You can’t miss the Slateport Market, an open-air bazaar featuring items that cannot be easily found anywhere else! This market is next to the ocean, so the scent of salty sea seeps through the air while you visit all the shops around.

The Oceanic Museum is a must see in Slateport! It was built by Captain Stern to teach others of the ocean and the ocean floors and it has more than seven exhibits, each with a different piece of information about the sea. You can stroll through Stern’s Shipyard and Slateport Harbor, cool landscapes to walk by!



Mauville City is located in central Hoenn and serves as the hub for travelers throughout the region! At Mauville City you can get a bike at Rydel’s Cycle and visit the city by wheels instead of feet. The Mauville Game Corner is a tourist attraction where people can gamble coins on slots or roulettes, so make sure you come with some cash on your pockets!

Mauville’s Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokémon, did you bring your Jolteon with you? After hard training, you can stop by the Mauville Food Court to grab a bite and then chill at Crooner’s Café.

Nestled between the mountains and the plains in central western Hoenn lies the small, quaint town of Verdanturf. Verdanturf Town is an awesome place to chill with its verdant landscape.

Fallarbor Town is a small farming community in northwest Hoenn formed by scholars who gather to research meteorites! A cool place to stop by before going to Lavaridge Town.

In central western Hoenn likes Lavaridge Town, located on the southern foot of Mt. Chimney. The town is well known for its hot spring and is a popular destination for elderly citizens. Did you know that Pokémon Trainers often come to this town in order to win the Heat Badge from Flannery, the Gym Leader who specializes in Fire-type Pokémon? Quite the challenge here! Before leaving the town, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Hot Springs!

You know Fortree City is someplace special through its city motto “The Treetop City that Frolics with Nature”. The residents of Fortree City live in treehouses and get around by a system of rope bridges that hang in the treetops. How cool is that?

Lilycove City is located eastern Hoenn and is one of the many cities that is connected to the sea. It is a tourist destination undergoing a revival, thanks to the popularity of tis Pokémon Contest Spectaculars. Lilycove Museum is a great place to visit where fine art and paintings are on display. You can go shopping at the Lilycove Department Store and stroll by the City Harbor too.

Mossdeep City lies on an island along the eastern edge of the Hoenn mainland. This island is covered in plants and flowers and its weather is mainly sunny with stable winds. The most popular site here is the Mossdeep Space Center, which launches huge rockets into space! Don’t forget to stop by Mossdeep Gym to train your Psychic-type Pokémon before going to our next stop, Sootopolis City.

Sootopolis City is also located east and it’s curious that this city rises from the crater of a great meteoroid crash. Its Gym specializes in Water-type Pokémon.

Pacifidlog Town is located in the seas south and is built on wooden rafts and logs that float on top of a Corsola colony! There is also a legend in this town of a flying Dragon Pokémon that never needs to rest, could this be Rayquaza itself?

Our final stop is Ever Grande City, an island blanketed in flowers and a host to the grand Pokémon League, so you can’t miss a tour here too!

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour around the Hoenn region, home to Treecko, Torchick and Mudkip. Which of these towns and cities would you first visit on your next Pokémon trip? 

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