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Monarch, Talents and Regions

Posted by Fable Hobby on

Today we’d like to talk a bit more about the new Monarch heroes and get you closer to their hidden talents and regions.

The first hero revealed when Monarch preview season started was Levia, Shadowborn Abomination, a Shadow Brute. What does it mean to be a Shadow Brute? Region specific talents are the key here. Levia is a Brute but she came somewhere else in Rathe: the Demonastery. Levia can use Brute cards like Bloodrush Bellow but also Shadow cards, Shadow Brute cards and of course, Generics.

Monarch talents and regions

The talent of each region has been meticulously woven into the theme, culture and feel of each region. Solana’s talent is the Light, Demonastery’s talent is the Shadow. Let’s dive into them!

Keeping it with the Shadow theme, the second hero revealed was Chane, Bound by Shadow. Chane pushes the boundaries of Flesh and Blood to another dimension, breaking the normal reality of a “five card hand” (4 cards + arsenal) by extending our grasp into de reaches of the banished zone and well, such power of course, does not come without cost!

Same as Levia bounded Shadow with Brute, Chane bounds Shadow with Runeblade: a common design element of Runeblade heroes is they create aura tokens of the rune related to them, for Viserai it’s Runechants, for Chane it is Soul Shackles.

Monarch talents and regions

It’s getting a bit dark now, let’s shine some Light here, shall we? 😉 The world of Rathe is mostly a place of humanlike people, creatures, environment and stories as large as the limits of the imagination.

First Light hero to be revealed was Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn, a ray of hope for all our fellow citizens of Rathe! Ser Boltyn is the valiant warrior of Solana who leads the vanguard, leading his team towards the battlefront and hopefully change the V in Vanguard for V in Victory! As James White says, Ser Boltyn’s design is based on King Arthur’s trope.

Boltyn is a warrior as he has Melee prowess when engaged and masters weapons. How does he bound the Light talent to these warrior skills? Well, Light Warrior skills give him a repertoire of attack action cards that he uses to charge onto the battlefield and build his soul, which in the Depth of battle will serve as Boltyn’s most powerful weapon of all.

Monarch talents and regions

Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light was the last Light hero revealed during Monarch preview season. Prism grew up in the Great Library of Solana, a very significant landmark in the world of Rathe, under the stewardship of The Librarian. She read, and read, and read and soon she discovered a tome that contained a long forgotten fable of the Heralds of Sol: eight powerful Angels that protected the eight gates of Solana in times of greatest need.

As Prism’s knowledge of the heralds took flight, the arc light within Luminaris, a relic she had carried with her since birth, illuminated. Her ability to manifest the heralds as arc light illusions was revealed!

So, let’s welcome Angels to Flesh and Blood! Sekem, the Herald of Ravages, is one such Angel Prism is able to sculpt. All eight heralds are powerful, as seen by them having over curved power plus hit effects, but remember they are not real. When illusion runs into reality, it ceases to exist. This is the design intent of the phantasm mechanic, you can learn more about it in this article.

Monarch talents and regions

We hope you enjoyed this walk through the new Monarch heroes, we can’t wait to see what new deck brews will come in the months ahead 😊               

If you can’t wait to play these heroes, Blitz decks are ready-to-play for each one of them and are available at our store. Check them out at

See you soon with more Flesh and Blood news!

See you soon with more Flesh and Blood news!

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