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Pioneer Orzhov Humans Challenger Deck [2022]

Pioneer Orzhov Humans Challenger Deck [2022]

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The 2022 Challenger Decks are 60-card ready-to-play Pioneer decks. The Orzhov Humans Challenger Deck Includes:

  • 60-card ready-to-play Pioneer deck (includes basic lands)
  • 15-card sideboard
  • 5 double-sided tokens and 6 helper cards
  • 1 deck box (can hold 75 sleeved cards)

Orzhov Humans (White-Black)—buff your army with anthems and keep your opponent off-balance! You’ve always been a people person. Go wide with an army of humans, build them up nice and strong with anthem effects, then seize the victory that is rightfully yours!

Challenger Decks are the perfect entry point for anyone looking to jump into competitive Magic. Utilizing powerful and proven strategies in Pioneer, Challenger Decks come built to compete right out of the box.

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