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Pre-Order Outsiders Booster Box
Pre-Order Outsiders Booster Box

Outsiders Booster Box

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Outsiders Order a Case Sale --> Add 4+ Outsiders Booster Boxes to your Cart and access a bonus booster box for only $24.79. Available bonus booster boxes include:

Simply add your Outsiders products as well as one of the booster boxes above to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout This offer is valid through Friday March 31st, 2023 so pre-order your Outsiders Case Today!

Maximum Pre-Order Purchase: 16 Units. Customers who order above the maximum quantity may have their order adjusted or canceled.

This is currently a Pre-Order Product for the Flesh and Blood TCG Outsiders expansion. This product is due to arrive on or around March 24th, 2023. Purchase of this product will subject to our Pre-Order Policy. Typically your order will ship on or up to two business days after release day.

Outsiders is a standalone booster set that takes you down into the Pits, a sprawling web of underground caverns and canals, home to all manner of backstabbing and skullduggery.

Outsiders is the first Flesh and Blood draftable set to feature multiple heroes within each class, making it the most dynamic draft experience yet! You're drafting Assassin... but are you Arakni or Uzuri? You're drafting Ranger... but are you Azalea or Riptide? You're drafting Ninja... but are you Katsu or Benji? Each hero has their own strengths, strategies, and card preferences.

You'll find yourself wanting to draft Outsiders again and again to explore the depth the Pits has to offer!

Pack Configuration

A booster display contains 24 booster packs. A booster pack contains 16 cards, including:

  • 1 Rainbow Foil
  • 1-2 Rare or Higher
  • 11-12 Commons
  • 2 Tokens

No specific card, rarity, or type is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box, or case. Cold Foils replace a token card and appear on average once in every 24 packs.

Flesh and Blood is a hero vs hero combat game, where the cards you play are the moves your hero makes in the delicate dance of life and death with your opponent. Designed for constructed, booster draft, sealed deck, and multiplayer, Flesh and Blood’s innovative pitch resource system guarantees that every game is a great game!