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2022 Moving Sale

2022 Moving Sale

We are moving! Yes, you read right, we are moving… but not leaving Portland! Our humble retail store has long outgrown our current space so we decided to move to a larger place!

To celebrate our new and improved Fable Hobby store and to make the moving process just a bit easier, we’ve decided to launch some a Moving Sale featuring some special bundles just for you! Browse our Month-long deals and be sure to check back for additional sales throughout our move. Who knows what we'll find?

BIG in content and BIG in value, the following Bundles are already AVAILABLE for purchase:

  • Flesh and Blood Bundle containing a Classic Battles: Dorinthea vs Rhinar Set, an Everfest 1st Edition Booster Box and a Crucible of War Unlimited Booster Box.
  • Pokémon TCG Bundle containing many Elite Trainer Boxes from Pokémon past.
  • And more products from Magic, MetaZoo, and Weiss Schwarz added as well!

Sales are limited and available while supplies last! See you soon at our new place coming later this summer!

New Arrival
Attack On Titan Booster Box

Attack On Titan Booster Box

Sale price $70.00 Regular price $89.80
Save $19.80